So, this is a new and different post! Some people have been asking me to post more photos of me! So here I'  am :D And I have big news! This Friday I will be flying with my boyfriend (he offered me the flight, ohhh) to San Francisco, California!!! A big dream come true! I love to travel and California is like one of that places that everybody wants to visit, so mitic! The reason of this trip is Pedro's group show  in an amazing gallery called 941geary (part of white walls gallery)! Check the website here:

I promisse to take a bunch of pictures, both digital and analogic, I'm so addicted to my old camera!
Btw, my boyfriend's website: you will love it so go check it!

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  1. uauuuu! que bom! depois quero ver muitas fotografias, q são sempre tãoo giras :)

  2. wow que sorte :D

    Boa viagem e traz novidades*

  3. adoro esta foto! o pedro foi tão querido! you guys are an adorable couple!



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