Hello dreamers! How is your weekend? Mine is full of projects and works for uni, I'm so tired of it, I want to go to the beach, enjoy these sunny days! So I have to share this editorial with you, this girl is using strips in such a classic way, I love it! And she is a beauty, I really enjoy these photos especially the black and white one (maybe I will turn this photo into my header, do you like it?) 
The photographer's name is Bruno Barbazan and you should check all his work in his website: www.brunobarbazan.com (there is a film too in the home page, I enjoy it so check it out.) 
Have a nice and sunny sunday! C,

3 comentários

  1. faz-me lembrar a Sharon Stone no Instinto Fatal.

  2. no tempo em que as riscas estão overated, está sem dúvida bonito e original :)

  3. Boas imagens.
    Sim senhora, bem escolhidas :)


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