It's official, I'm in love with the Miu Miu shoes! I can't stop dreaming about this beauties in my feet, with skinny blue jeans! Aren't they wonderfull? Whatever....back to the real life, this week = hell. I'm surrounded by works and stuff to do! Sorry about the lack of posts, next week I'm free so I will post a lot of new things! Love, C.
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Miu Miu Sparrow-print pumps

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  1. fogo eu com saltos fico uma mega torre :(........ looool

  2. oooh i'm in love tooooooooooo <3 amazing shoes!

  3. I imagine miu miu shoes on my feet - gorgeous view <3 I want !!!

  4. tambem me apaixonei desde que os vi no desfile na fashion tv no meu sofá..bah
    boa sorte com o trabalhinho!**

  5. Oh yes... i'm inlove with these shoes! *_* dream!



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