Oh my god, I just dieeeeeeed! I'm a big fan of music, I can't spend a day without hearing it, and my ipod...oh, is my best friend! Coachella to me is like paradise I love everything about it, the music, the place, and the people! These amazing photos, taken by Hedi Slimane, can show us the hugeeeee place where coachella is, and to be honest, it looks just perfect! One day I will be there, you'll see! My terrible week just ended in the best way! I'm feeling happy and free of stuff to do now, but it's for a short period of time probably! How's your week going? A good week? Love, C 

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  1. senti mais ou menos a mesma coisa quando vi o alinhamento do festival... One day!

  2. eu ca digo "music is my boyfriend".. e parte de mim faleceu por causa da ausencia de musica.. um dia carolina estaremos la!!


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