What a pretty woman...
I'm so into Kinga Burza right now.
(and she looks just like Alexa Chung in some pics) 

'Kinga has shot videos for M.Craft, The ThrillsThe RakesThe TeenagersCalvin HarrisKate Nash, Kate Perry, Ladyhawke, Peaches, La Roux etc..Promo Magazine has dubbed Kinga to be among 'the next wave of up-and-coming directors' while both I-D and Dazed and Confused Magazine have also run features on her.he was nominated Best New Director at the CAD Awards in 2007 and won a Young Gun award for Music Video Direction for Kate Nash's "Foundations" in 2007.'

3 comentários

  1. yeeeeey !

    she's polish !

    it feels so great when someone from you country is so stylish :)



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