Bitching & Junkfood it's a new online shop selling 80's and 90's vintage clothing and accessories. We also can find a limited number of hand-made/costumised products like scarfs, necklaces, gloves and other delighful things. 

Like Marion, the owner of the shop, says: " represents all it's fashionbitches". They believe that "all good girls of all good sizes deserve good stuff", so the amazing photos of the collection are with real-life models, "friends and fashion chamaleons found on the streets of London".

The great big new is: There will be items up for grabs for free! "Yes, you read it right, there will be items you can nab for free. No we're not telling you how: right time, right page, sticky fingers at the ready. It's totally free, no postage, no packaging, sealed with a kiss – times are tough, we're all broke, life's too serious, let's have a laugh."


more  stuff in:

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